Sunday, 18 September 2016

Volvo xc90 t8

1. Swedish Luxury car Volvo xc90 T8 Lounched
2. Diesel Engine Plugin Hybrid model for Indians
3. Twin engine with Volvo xc90 t8 allso available in Electricity power
4. Price 1.25 crore 
Volvo xc90 t8
 2.0 Litter Petrol Unit electric motor 400PS Energy
8-Speed Icein gear box
AWD,Save,Off road, Puvar, Hybrid and power Six driving mode available 
Petrol engine and electric motor together always use
Ambient lighting , Electric adjustable rear seat. 
European model Touch screen, refrigerator ,Fold table,Boves wilkins audio system
Volvo xc90 t8
Pirelli noise cancelling system available 
9.2k Wh Lithum battery
1.25 crore xshowroom price at Delhi